Edible Queens: Astoria’s Queen’s Room: An Homage to Leadership, Femininity, Beyoncé, and Booze

“I wanted to make this a place with some class and significance, while still being in Queens,” Joannides says. “And being a female business owner—I want to be a queen too!” 

Astoria Post: Astoria’s Ownership at “60 Beans” Changes Hands, Closes and Reopens as Bistro Bar “Queen’s Room”

“The owner of the Queen’s Room at 36-02 Ditmars Boulevard (formerly 60 Beans) has a close bond with her new bistro bar’s location.”

We Heart Astoria: Big Changes to 60 Beans - New Food, Drinks, Name

“The time has come to transition out of 60 Beans and into our new concept for the space. We will be closing this coming Monday, August 14, opening back up on Monday, August 21, to make changes to the space"